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IRS Help - ask tax questions, report fraud and order forms.

Tax Preparation

We are a year round tax preparation office. We have the best office equipment that is available, with professional computerized software that will allow us to prepare all types of present and past federal and state income tax returns.

Tax Refund

Our personal approach to each client allows us to ensure you of the largest refund possible. We are continually taking educational courses provided by the IRS. This training allows us to continue to maintain the standards that our clients deserve and also to be alert to any changes in laws that may impact our clients.

Get Expert Help

There’s no other place in El Paso like Dj's. You can get your tax questions answered by live tax professionals. Get expert help with tax preparation and tax consulting. Dj's is your one-stop-shop for all your tax preparation service needs!

"Our tax preparers have the knowledge and expertise necessary to ensure your tax preparation service needs are handled promptly and professionally!"